D-VTA 200

The Video-based D-VTA 200 Thermography System is a modular system for monitoring industrial high temperature processes.

Intelligent sensors allow contactless, optical and thermal online analysis of processes in the combustion chamber.

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  • Detection of the Temperature Distribution in side combustion chambers; analysis of unbalanced combustion processes
  • Burning analysis and slag monitoring in power plants
  • Visualization of flame post combustion chambers and flame front monitoring in waste incineration plants
  • Monitoring ore calcination and hazardous waste disposal in the chemical industry
  • Annealing and pusher furnace monitoring in the steel industry
  • Scale formation and melting charge control in the glass industry.

The Thermography Analysis System additionally offers:

  • Temperature determination of each visible image point of the video sensor
  • Thermal analysis of the local temperature distribution
  • Temperature definition within freely definable measuring window and lines (ROI = Region of Interest / LOI = Line Of Interest).
  • Analysis of thermal samples to identify anomalies in the combustion process

D-VTA 200 in a power plant
D-VTA 200 in a waste incineration plant
Video system PAL, picture elements: 752(H) x 582(V), fixed focus
Thermography from total radiation Temperature range 1000°C – 2000°C
Optical alignment Sensor 0°: axially-parallel to sensor axis, Sensor45°: angled 45° to sensor axis
Optical field of view Sensor 0°: horizontal 72°, vertical 54°, diagonal 90°; Sensor 45°: horizontal 48°, vertical 36°, diagonal 60°
Data interfaces on the system PC RS232, RS422, RS485: ASCII, MODBUS, Siemens RK512 Ethernet: TCP/IP: FTP, MODBUS
Auxiliary energy 230 V / 50 Hz, 500 VA
Gas temperature in combustion chamber Water-cooled sensor
Ambient temperature Sensor / Retraction: 0°C…60°C Field control cabinet: 0°C…55°C
Material Sensor: stainless steel 1.4571 / 1.4301 Field control cabinet: steel sheet, painted in RAL 7035
Dimensions / Weights Diameter of sensor tip: water-cooled 43 mm
Immersion depth in combustion chamber max. 450 mm from welding plate, other lengths optional
Space requirement for sensor / retraction device 1450 x 500 x 800 mm (LxWxH)
Field cabinet 600 x 380 x 210 mm (HxWxD)
Cable length Sensor/Retraction – Field control cabinet 10 m
Connection Site /Control Room Optical Fiber, max. 1000 m
System PC 19“ industrial housing, 4 HE, depth 450 mm
Weights Sensor with retraction and carrier 70 kg Field control cabinet 15 kg
Cooling water volume 350 l/h, 1.5…8 barg
Cooling water ­temperature Inlet:
Cooling water quality Clean, chemically neutral, non-corrosive, Hardness:
Compressed air volume max. 25 Nm3/h
Compressed air pressure 5 – 8 barg
Compressed air temperature 5…40°C
Compressed air quality dry, free from dust, aerosols, oil