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HM-1400 TRX Total mercury analyzer

Extractive Automatic Measuring System (AMS) for continuous total mercury monitoring (CMM) in stack gas or process gas

  • analyser using extractive measuring principle
  • analyser does not require failsafe instrument air
  • conversion of Hgx to Hg0 inside a thermal reactor, separated from the photometer
  • detection of Hg0 by help of a dual beam UV CVAAS photometer
  • no extremely heated optical components
  • simple operation by keypad-display
  • simple maintenance, simple exchange of components
  • test gas generator as an option
  • many installed units in Europe
  • more than 20J experience in Hg monitoring
  • Applications
  • Certifications
  • Data
  • Downloads
  • Service
  • Waste incineration plants (municipal, industrial, clinical waste)
  • Sewage sludge incineration
  • Hazardous waste incineration plants
  • Steelworks with scrab metal reconditioning
  • Contaminated soil burning plants
  • Crematoriums
  • Mercury mines and refineries
  • Fluorescent light bulb recycling plants.
HM-1400 TRX application data
measured component concentration of total Hg in sample gas, indicated as Hg° (elemental) in ug/Nm³ (2)
sample gas ambient air, stack gas, process gas
flow speed 0 .. 10 / 20 / 40 m/s (3)
stack diameter > 0,5 m (4)
sample gas temperature -20 to 120 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300°C, others on request (5)
sample gas pressure (relative) E-50 to +20 hPa others on request
sample gas moisture 0 - 100 % rel. humidity
ambient temperature - 20 to 50 °C at sample probe location,
+ 5 to 40 °C at installation place of the analyser;
others on request (6)
conformities 2000/76/EG WID / 17. BImschV
2001/80/EG LCPD / 13. BImschV
EN 14181, EN 15267-3
40 CFR 60 US EPA PS 12a (1)
HM-1400 TRX technical data of the system
measuring principle determination of the Hg° concentration of the extracted and conditioned sample gas by help of a dual beam UV CVAAS photometer. Ionic Hg-compounds are converted to Hg° inside a thermal converter.
construction extractive analyser
system components HM-1400 S T sample tube, heated or not heated (5)
HM-1400 S P sample probe with heated filter
HM-1400 PL neated sample line
HM-1400 TRX analyser
HM-AKM test gas generator (1)
reference material (testgas) zero:
ambient air (automatic, adjustment and system check every 2h)
span check:
HgCl2 testgas, generated by an external test gas generator(1) or by a stationary HM-AKM test gas generator(1)
as an alternative: Hg° test gas generator HM-1400 TR81(1)
distance probe - HM-1400 TRX 1 - 36m others on request (7)
power supply typ. one single supply at HM-1400 TRX analyser
230/400 V 3x25A, N, PE 50/60 Hz max. 10kVA or
230V 1x25A, N, PE 50/60 Hz max. 5kVA (7)
measuring range 0 to ... 400 ug/Nm³,
any range 0 .. X within the measuring range can be assigned to the analog outputs. The certified ranges are:
0-45 / 0-75 ug/Nm³
others on request
sample flow rate minimum: 70 l/h
normal: 100 l/h
maximum: 130 l/h
delay time typ. < 170 s (at V/t = 70l/h and with 10m sample line)
resolution of the display 0,1 ug/Nm³
combined uncertainty EN 14181 / EN ISO 14956 / EN 15267-3 < 1,3 ug/m³ Hg°, the uncertainty is dependent on the sample composition and the uncertainty of the standard reference method used for calibration
HM-1400 TRX technical data of the analyser
dimensions sheet steel cabinet, RAL 7035, hxwxd ca: 1700 x 800 x 500mm, others on request
signal transfer 2 x 4-20 mA, max 500 Ohm (or 3 x 4-20 mA, max 500 Ohm (8))
3 x relay contact NO (or 8 x Relay contact (8))
status: failure, maintenance, standby
1 x status input (or 5x Status input (8))
RS485 / Modbus (Signalkonverter) (1)
operation operating panel in front door with display, remote access for DURAG service by TCP/IP as an option (1)
weight: ca. 220 kg
protection IP 54
cable inlet power supply and signals through cable glands from the top or through base, connection of the heated sample line from the top or from the left side
ca. 320 x 482 x 530 mm (12.6 x 19 x 20.9'')
19" rack, 7HU or tabletop unit
HM-1400 TRX sample system
sample probe sample probe with inside heated filter element and inlet for heated test gas, PT 100 temperature sensor, controlled by HM-1400 TRX, 230V L, N, PE 50/60Hz, 650VA
sample tube variations:
not heated, length 1000 or 1500mm
heated, length 180, 600, 1000 or 1500mm
power 230VAC L,N,PE 600/800/1200 W / PT 100 supplied by HM-1400 TRX (1)
sample line temperature controlled 200°C heated sample line, IP 65 power supply 230V L,N,PE, 50-60 Hz, 90-100 W/m
subject to technical modifications!
(1) Variants / Options
(2) The HM-1400 TRX extracts sample from the process, removes H2O by condensation inside a cooler and standardizes the result with respect to T and P.
(3) The measuring result is independent from the flow speed inside teh stack.
(4) The measuring system extracts the sample gas from a single point inside the stack.
(5) If the stack gas temperature is < 200 °C then a heated sample tube is recommended, because the species HgCl2 is absorbed by surfaces with T < 140°.
(6) Outdoor installation at T < 5°C without walk in shelter is not recommended, because maintenance personal can hardly perform proper maintenance if they are not protected!
(7) The heated probe, the heated sample tube and the heated line are connected and supplied by HM-1400 TRX. The max. length of the heated line is determined by the max. power consumption (90-100W/m). During certifications tests a 10m line was used. Longer lines will cause increase of the delay time by ca. 0,5s/m
(8) Variation acc to US EPA PS12a with integrated reference gas generator